Howley Grange Kindergarten
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Our Rooms


The baby unit caters for the needs of seven babies on a daily basis. The staff to child ratio is 1-3, providing a calm and caring environment in which the children are able to develop in all areas of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage - Birth to Five Years' at an individual pace. Parents are required to supply nappies, toiletries, change of clothing and meals for all babies. However, from 6-9 months babies are able to have nursery meals.


The tweeny room caters up to twelve 2-3 year olds and has a staff ratio of 1-4. The fully trained staff follow the 'Early Years Foundation Stage - Birth to Five Years' which introduces the children to a daily routine consisting of both structured an un-structured activities enabling your child to discover, explore and gain independance, indoors and out! All Tweeny parents are asked to provide a bed sheet for sleep times, a beaker and purchase an apron for meal times.


The pre-school children are encouraged to take part in a free-flow system and relaxed atmosphere, to develop their mental, artistic and physical abilities individually to their full potential. The children work towards the 'Early Years Foundation Stage - Birth to Five Years' which enables them to have access to all areas of learning indoors and outdoors, this encourages the children to develop self esteem, confidence and independance. To further develop this we have 3 key worker groups which allows the children to work closely with their key person. We build on the good work instigated by you as parents and together develop their confidence in preparation for the first day at school. All Kindy parents are asked to purchase an apron for meal times. The children are required to bring in a drinks bottle to keep at nursery.

The nursery education grant is available from the term after your child turns three years of age. This entitles you to 15 hours of free childcare per week during term time only.